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More Than "Uncle Bob" with a Video Camera....

At Cindy V Video, we start with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready before the ceremony.  We include the tender moment when a mother helps her daughter get into her dress.  We see the groom and his groomsmen as they joke around before the ceremony.  We see the Grandparents being seated and the Mothers lighting the wedding candles.

During the ceremony we see the wedding party enter the church or the wedding chapel.  The groom watches as his bride walks down the aisle with her parents—or by herself--- with everyone in attendance watching as the she makes her way to the altar.

The Officiate begins the service, welcoming friends and relatives to witness the joining of your lives.  The vows are exchanged.  Perhaps the Groom chokes up and tries to hide the fact that he’s a little more emotional than he thought he would be.  Maybe the Bride turns her head to look at her Mom and flashes her a quick smile.  The Bride and Groom exchange a few whispered encouragements.  Little moments captured on video---and missed by the photographer.

After the ceremony we see the receiving line and hear the Bride and Groom meet with their friends and family.  Videotaping the wedding party getting their formal pictures taken is always fun.  It’s a great time to get all the family members together.

At the reception, the videographer will record the toasts.  We’ll get the Best Man telling the story of how the Bride and Groom met---with a little embellishment for the audience, of course.  The Maid of Honor will toast her friend (or sister) with teary words of love and affection.  We’ll see the newlyweds cutting of the cake and perhaps get a little frosting on the Bride’s nose.  We have the front seat to the major dances, such as a Dad waltzing with his daughter, a Mom holding onto to her son, and the Couple’s First Dance---with the Groom quietly singing the romantic lyrics into his Bride’s ear.  Again, all captured on video for you to enjoy again and again.

If you don’t live in the Milwaukee area, Cindy V Video can still videotape your wedding.  We’ve videotaped weddings as far north as Green Bay, so if you live in the Manitowoc, Two Rivers or Sheboygan area, we can drive up for your special day.  We’ve videotaped weddings in the Racine and Kenosha areas, going as far south as Chicago.  We’ve videotaped weddings as far west as Madison and Waunakee.  We’ve even videotaped on a boat off the Milwaukee shoreline!

Whether your wedding is in a church or wedding chapel, or if it’s outdoors wedding under a gazebo or the blue sky, Cindy V Video can capture your wedding day on video.  After editing, your wedding DVD is presented to you in a handsome padded vinyl case.  Copies are inexpensive so you can give them to your in-laws, members of the wedding party, or to those who missed the day and still want to see every thrilling moment.

Call 414-531-6810 now for available dates.  You’ll be glad you did.


We capture the bride and groom repeating their vows