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Products Need Video

With all the products popping out all over the world today, it is undeniably hard to just depend on the product's quality in order to make a sale and make money.

No matter how good the product is, it may not be enough to get people to buy it. Companies have had to come up with different concepts in order for their products to rise above the rest and stand triumphant in the sales race.

One of the most interesting concepts that came out is video demonstrations. This type of promotion is actually not that far from the usual way, but it is more effective because it does not only show the product and its details, but it also shows how the products work. This gives the potential buyers an idea of how they will be using the product shown in the video.

Video demonstrations are an effective tool for advertising because these videos tell the public that in a way, consumers are having a good time using the product, or at least contented with it. These videos show the product as is.

It's hard to make a living when a company starts from scratch, but with video marketing partnered with the product's effectiveness and efficiency, do not be surprised if one day, that company goes all the way to the top.

Electric Football Video
Demonstration Case Study

I was called by the owner of Miggle Toys to create a video demonstration of their Tudor Electric Football game. The problem for Miggle is that many children who get the game as a gift did not know how to set up the game for play. They became disillusioned after a short period of time and the parents sent the game back to Miggle. A secondary concern for Miggle was that it was far easier for kids to play football through video game systems.

One of the things we did in the video that you see here is to create some excitement in the game’s possibilities. We produced a segment showing some exciting plays where the running back breaks through the line of scrimmage and scores a touchdown. We show a wide receiver and cornerback in “bump and run” coverage. We even had a kick off returned for a touchdown. Combined with energenic music, the video is fun to watch.

Other parts of the video were divided into “Beginners” and “Advanced” sections. As the child becomes more adept at game play, they can incorporate more advanced techniques into their game. We show how to test the bases. Some bases turn right and other turn left. Some bases go in a straight line. We then tell the viewer which bases work best for each player. We show examples so that they can see the right side linebacker turning left and the left side linebacker turning right. We then show a play where both linebackers come in to sack the quarterback.

At the end of the video we show advanced techniques for “tweaking” the bases. And we included a “Playbook” of over a dozen offensive and defensive plays. We show such schemes as the 3-4 and 4-3 for the defense and the wishbone and max protection shotgun for the offense.

I worked on this project with Jerome Turman. Jerome is a former news anchor from WTMJ-TV. He served as on-air talent and writer. Jerome is a local expert on electric football game play. Digital Juice was used for graphics and music was from Killer Tracks. The DVD is inserted into all Tudor Electric Football games.