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Videotape to DVD ConversionVHS Tape to DVD Conversion

Somewhere in your house is a box or drawer full of videotapes-- full of birthdays, dance recitals, holiday gatherings, a child's first steps and other special family moments. You haven't watched the tapes in years but, unfortunately, the years are still taking their toll. Heat, humidity and improper storage cause video tapes to deteriorate, decaying the magnetic particles that represent your precious family memories. By converting those old videotapes to digital form, you can effectively stop the deterioration in its tracks.

At Cindy V Video we can convert the following tapes to DVD for you.  VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi 8, 8mm and mini DV.  We can also convert those old betamax tapes to DVD.  If your tapes are professional ¾” U-matic or BetaSP we can convert those to DVD as well.

We record the videotapes onto a DVD-R disk.  If you have a DVD+R player, it may not play a DVD-R disk.  Just let us know and we’ll record your video onto a DVD+R disk.  There is no extra charge for this.

Film to DVD TransferFilm to DVD Conversion

Decades ago, movie film was a great way to capture special moments. But with time, that film has broken down. Viewing those special moments is inconvenient, because film projectors have become obsolete, and they're too bulky and difficult to use anyway. The reels of memories have often been thrown into boxes and stored in closets and basements, just to become forgotten and faded.

On a digital format, the memories are easier to view and share. More importantly, unlike the physical media, digital formats do not fade with time.

Regular-8mm/Super-8mm/16mm film Transfer is one of Cindy V Video’s  special services with the use of our special professional equipment. We use a proprietary digital process from start to finish to offer an all-digital transfer of your precious films. Film transfers are performed using a professional telecine editor & projectors that transfer directly into our Video Processing systems.

Slide to DVD TransferSlide to DVD Transfer

Check in any of your local electronic stores and you’re bound to find shelves of scanners that hook into your own computer and could serve as a digital converter for your slides. The problem with this type of 35mm slide converter is that is does not do your photos justice.

Scanners that serve as a digital converter seem easy. Often times they will fax, print, and copy too! But while a home scanner may save you some money, a 35mm slide converter will not save you time. It's a long, tedious task to digitally convert every single 35mm slide in your collection. So, let Cindy V Video do the work for you!

We can also scan your slides into the jpg format and store on a CD just like the photos you now take with a digital camera.

Our service for both films and slides include:

  • - FREE Background Music


  • - FREE Minor Cleaning

  • - Broadcast Resolution