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Five Reasons to Use Video on Your Website

Online video is emerging as a powerful platform to deliver an impactful, interactive and highly targeted message. According to a new study by Frank N. Magid Associates, 77% of US Internet consumers are watching online video clips with 43% watching weekly. In fact, the report finds that consumers are finding online video as entertaining and engaging as traditional television spots. American consumers watched nearly 17 billion video clips a month. On average, more than 151 million consumers watched 111 video clips each.

There are 5 simple reasons you should be using video on your website.

1.  Customers can get bored reading a whole load of text – Use video as a more engaging element on your web site.

2.  Potential customers may not fully understand the written terminology – Video explains products and services more simply & faster.

3.  Text alone might not get the message across to all people. Some people learn better visually– Video reinforces the message of the web site

4.  People buy emotionally – Video can affect the emotional right brain of your customer.

5. Stop your competitors getting more web hits than you do - Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through video.

In addition, smart companies are using green screen technology in an attempt to direct user traffic to profitable areas of their websites. Adding this human touch gives the user confidence in the web site and company, increases trust in their brand and turns visits into inquiries.

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