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Cindy V Video Cindy V Video  

Corporate Videos Shot and Edited by Cindy V Video.

Waunakee Manor 

I loved working with the residents on this video.  Many of them were surprised that the video would be on the internet and their children and grandchildren could call it up anytime to watch it. 

Premiere Builders 

In this video, I was mostly getting exterior shots of the houses.    We wanted to show the quality of the houses for a higher end cliental.


This was my first business video.  The owner and I drove all over south western Wisconsin and videotaped the homes he built.   We wanted to show a variety of homes from the log cabin-look of one to the more contemporary look of the other.  We also wanted to highlight the venture into commercial building.

Livable Communities

The communities Don is creating are located just west of Madison.  We wanted to show the nature aspect of these communities as well as the amenities that are within walking distance of the homes.

Waunakee Chamber

This was the first video I did with stand-ups and audio.  We also highlighted two area businesses.  These business people provided valuable testimonials to the work of the Chamber and how they benefit from their membership.

Dr. Hamilton

The goal of this video was to show the caring staff of the dental practice, but also some of the new technology they are using every day.

Classic Custom Homes

In this video we are highlighting the services Classic Custom Homes offers both inside and outside the house.  We show the care taken in the building process and the results: a great looking home.

Dr. Just 

Originally, the script called for Dr. Just to sit at his desk and read for the entire one minute script.  Even reading the teleprompter, it felt stale.  I asked Dr. Just if he would move around his office and we do it again.  So when he mentions being the third generation in his family to be an orthodontist, we see him in front of the photo of him, his dad and grandfather.  It’s important to use visuals to back up or enhance what is being said.

Stoekel Dentistry

This shoot was to be a two-fer.  Both Chris and Natalie are dentists in practice together.  Chris narrated the video featuring Natalie.  Natalie, in turn, narrated the one featuring Chris.  Plus we did a number of testimonials from satisfied patients.

Schnieder Electric

In this video we wanted to show that Schneider Electrical worked on both homes and commercial accounts.  We see their employees not only servicing the lights at a home or in a warehouse, but we also see them fixing the electrical at a public park.

3 D Construction

3 D Construction wanted to highlight several aspects of their business.  First, they wanted to show the variety of building that they can do, from resident to commercial.  Second, they wanted to feature the construction work they do on-site.  And finally, they want prospective clients to see the display area for flooring, cabinet and doors.

Ketter’s Flooring

We had several things we wanted to show in this video.  First, the selection of laminates, tile, and carpeting in the store.  Second, we wanted to see the flooring in a home along.  We wanted to show the installers, taking good care of the new floor.  And we wanted to use testimonials that were written instead of done on camera.

Advantage Physical Therapy

In this video we wanted to see the therapists work with a variety of patients in a variety of exercises and adjustments.  We also wanted to see that different people have different physical needs and that Advantage Physical Therapy can handle all these needs.

Anne Marie Design

Anne Marie is an interior decorator who wanted to show the versatility of her work.  She not only designs in-home for her clients, but also helped a local church with the design of their altar and sitting area.  We highlighted the area of Anne Marie’s expertise, her special relationship with her clients and the spectacular work she does.

Joanne Martens, DDS

Dr. Martin wanted to highlight several aspects of her practice.  First, they specialize in children.  We wanted to see a couple of different kids being examined or worked on.  She also wanted to show the special kids area of her waiting area.  Also, Dr. Martens wanted to show her staff, their interaction with patients, and the use of new technology in her practice.

Etched in Stone

Etched in Stone is a flooring store in Manitowoc.  The purpose of this video was to highlight their showroom.  It has one of the largest displays of flooring in the state. 

Glendale Heights

This was one of the best video shoots I’ve been on.  The kids were so open to being videotaped and very curious about my camera.  We wanted to show the various ages that Glendale Heights accepts and the interaction between students and teachers.  We also wanted to emphasize that parents and staff work together for the benefit of the kids.

The Smile Clinic

For the Smile Clinic I videotaped a series of patient testimonials.  I looked at several locations within the clinic and set up lights and microphones at each one.  Then I asked the patients a series of questions and we took their best answers for the video.

Cardinal Stritch University

Cardinal Stritch University wanted to show the diversity of their student population.  They also wanted viewers to see the interaction between students and the instructors.  Being a Catholic school, we showed some religious stained glass windows that are an important part of the school’s design.

Town and Country Dental

This video shoot was an overview of the practice and also included testimonials from patients.  We wanted to show the unique design of the building’s interior.  We concentrated on Dr. Labudde’s interaction with patients, the staff of professionals working in the office and to show some of the new technology that is in use.

Sprecher Brewery

I had been at Sprecher a year earlier as part of my job at Milwaukee Public Television.  Because of that, I knew the area we would be taping in was dark and would need lights.  So when Randy and guests raise their glasses, we can see them.  Love the root beer!

Kerkman Brothers Construction

I did not shoot all of this video.  I was brought in because the company was not happy with the owner-client video that had been shot by another videographer.  Instead of 8 people around a desk, I used a more realistic three person set up.  Also, I videotaped the exteriors of the buildings because more of the other exterior taping was done in the middle of winter.  They wanted viewers to see the homes with green grass and blue skies.

Mathers Improvement Service

This business is located in Burlington.  They wanted me to show off the impressive work they do on home exteriors.  We taped their guys on a roof, just one of several locations we featured.  We also taped the awning at a separate location, and the seamless siding at a third location.  The fourth location was the shop itself. 


We wanted to show the versatility of the service by showing work on a home as well as a commercial building.  We wanted viewers to see the craftsmanship in the shop and the special relationship Vorpagel has with its customers. 

Country Veterinary Service

It’s always a pleasure working with well behaved animals.  The dogs and cats in this video were so good.  They really helped show the various aspects of the services offered by Country Veterinary Service.  Also, in the x-ray scene, the woman discovered that her dog was going to have puppies.

Bruesewitz and Maas

As you can see we taped at several locations for this video.  We videotaped at a home where we see employees searching for leaks, installing a water heater, and helping a satisfied customer.  On another location we see a truck and two employees doing well work.  On a third location we see the showroom and the beautiful displays of products. 

M & M Physical Therapy 

In this video, I was using a still camera and taking photographs instead of using video.  I still had people doing the exercises or treatments I would usually have them do if I were taping.  We were able to do two different “Welcome” videos using the photographs taken with high resolution digital jpg.